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Green FrostWrap

Green FrostWrap

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Introducing the ultimate summer companion: FrostWrap can insulators. Designed to keep your drinks as refreshing as a burst of citrusy goodness on a warm, sunny day, our insulators are the perfect accessory for any outdoor adventure.

Whether you're lounging by the pool, hanging out with friends, or enjoying a sunset on the beach, FrostWrap can insulators will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature all day long. Available in two sizes - regular can (3.5'' x 4.3'') and slim can (3.5'' x 6'') - they're easy to pack in any backpack, so you can take them with you on any adventure.

Don't settle for warm, flat drinks. With FrostWrap can insulators, you can enjoy the refreshing taste of a summer cocktail all day long. Order now and experience the perfect blend of style and function!

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