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B21 Inkless Label Maker

B21 Inkless Label Maker

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Increase your productivity and modernize your labeling process with the NIIMBOT B21 Inkless Label Maker. The portable printer is a convenient way to print labels quickly and accurately without using ink or toner. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, you can customize labels on the go for a variety of purposes including clothes tags, address labels, and business identification tags. With the included Gifted Label Paper, simply peel off the seal sticker before using to start creating labels right away. Ensure that the paper printing surface is downward in order to print correctly—afterward, simply pull out the paper a little bit so it can be printed normally. This lightweight label maker uses rechargeable stimulation power so please connect it directly to a charger when needing extra charge. Featuring an exclusive black color option, this device provides quick results for all your labelling needs.

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